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Meet Dr Lee

In my 20-year journey as a doctor, my mantra has been finding the root cause of the problem and helping my patients achieve and maintain true health as a whole, rather than just treating a disease. This mantra has led me to go deeper and deeper in my career as a doctor.

As a board-certified dermatologist, I found that a lot of skin diseases were just a sign that signaled there was a bigger internal problem. A lot of these skin problems were from systemic rheumatologic disorders. I wanted to solve the root cause of these problems, which eventually led me to obtain double-board in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology after I moved to the United States.

Rheumatologic disorders are overwhelming. It is a very complicated concept and the medicines sound scary. For many, getting a rheumatologic diagnosis is one of the major health problems in their entire life. My mantra tells me that prescribing a medicine to fix a rheumatologic disease is just half of the solution. I believe that the other half comes from a trusting relationship with my patients, great communication, education and empowerment.

I feel privileged to be allowed to be with my patients in their most vulnerable moments of dealing with the disease. I want to hold their hands and become a guide in their journey of restoring their health. I listen very carefully to what my patients say. Most of the time, the answer is in the stories they tell. Not only will I treat your disease, I will help you every step of the way toward restoring your health.   

Education & Experience

March 1996 - February 2002

Korea University, School of Medicine

Seoul, South Korea

March 2002 - February 2003

Medical Internship training

Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea

March 2003 - Feb 2008

Dermatology Residency with the last year served as the cheif resident

Board certification in Dermatology

National Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea

March 2008 - June 2011

Worked as a board-certified dermatologist

Seoul, South Korea

July 2011 - June 2014

Internal Medicine residency training

Board certification in Internal Medicine

Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 2014 - June 2016

Fellowship training in rheumatology

Board certification in Rheumatology

UCLA Medical Center Department of Rheumatology, Los Angeles, California

July 2016 – July 2022

Worked as a board-certified rheumatologist

Intermountain Healthcare Cottonwood Rheumatology clinic, Murray, Utah

July 2022 – current

Founded Lotus Rheumatology and Wellness Clinic and works as a board-certified rheumatologist

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