Direct Care

“Our practice is geared toward people with rheumatologic conditions who care about their health as much as we do and put it as their priority. Our patients know the value of great healthcare and value of having a doctor who truly understands them and their health issues. “

Why Lotus Rheumatology

Unlike traditional medicine where you see your doctor for only 15 to 20 minutes, receive some pills, still feel confused and scared, and feel like you were not listened to, I spend sufficient time with my patients so I can really understand what is going on with their health and overall life. Then I explain solutions to them in a form they can understand.

As a physician who holds board certification in Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Lifestyle Medicine, I can see the bigger picture and can understand the various aspects of a disease, and how it can affect a person’s life.  I provide personalized treatment plans that are fine-tuned to their unique needs.

Instead of being tossed around by multiple different doctors or providers and still feeling nobody knows what’s going on with your health, you will have an extremely skilled and experienced quadruple-board-certified physician who understands multiple aspects of your disease and how it affects your daily life as the quarterback of your health care.

As a lifestyle medicine doctor, I will also counsel how you can improve certain things in your daily life that can help improve your disease and overall health. 

Traditional CareDirect Specialty Care
You often need to ask permission from your insurance company to see the specialist you need.You deserve the specialty care you need. You can directly make an appointment with the specialist who can help you.
You cannot choose the doctor you want and can only see those within your insurance network. You choose who you want to see as your doctor.
Long waiting times to get prior authorization approval and to complete the referral processNo need for prior authorization or referral.
Long waiting times until the first consultationFirst appointment within 1~2 weeks.
You need to change your doctor if your insurance is changed.No need to change your doctor because of your insurance change.
Short appointments and you feel rushed during the appointmentsExtended and relaxed appointments
Not enough time to ask all your questions and get the answers you needSufficient time to ask any questions and get the answers from your doctor
You cannot see the doctor if you don’t have insuranceNo insurance, no problem! You don’t need to have insurance to see a direct-care doctor
Expensive and non-transparent pricing. You fear receiving the bill not knowing how much you will be chargedAffordable pricing that is upfront and transparent. You will know exactly how much you will pay beforehand
Doctors are too busy to see you on short notice, so you end up going to ER if you have an urgent issueSame-day appointment or next-day appointment available for members
Communication is not smooth, and it takes a long time to talk with your doctor, if not impossible at allDirect communication with the doctor for members

Say good-bye to the fragmented medical care with inflated price tags and low satisfaction

Suffering from joint pain and stiffness, weird rash, fatigue and other inflammation symptoms?

Make an appointment directly with Dr Lee who guides you to recovery from your autoimmune disease and enjoy the pain-free, energetic and healthy life you and your loved ones deserve.