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Hi, I am Dr Lee!

Rheumatologic disorders cause inflammation in our body, and they can be overwhelming, confusing and scary. You may have a lot of joint pain, stiffness and fatigue, and may feel lost not knowing what to do and fear what complications it may bring. You may not be able to enjoy time with your family and friends and may struggle with work. I am here to help you. I will be your guide and help you overcome the disease so that you can enjoy your life again.

I spend a lot of time listening to my patients and educating them so that they can understand how to overcome the challenges and restore their health for the long term. Not only do I treat rheumatologic diseases, but I also pay attention to their systemic effects on your overall health and I will help you minimize the complications from your disease. You will never be left alone in the dark when you have me as your guide in the journey to health.

As a quadruple-board certified physician in Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Lifestyle Medicine (dermatology board obtained in South Korea), I can see the bigger picture of your health and help you as a whole person rather than just fixing a disease. I am also trained in medical acupuncture and can help you balance your body’s energy to the optimal level so that you can harness your body’s own natural healing power to claim your life back! I also help you identify the triggers of inflammation in your daily lifestyle so that you can remove the things that cause inflammation in your body. This includes optimizing your nutrition, essential micronutrients and hormonal balance. As a board-certified physician who is also a lifestyle medicine specialist and trained in medical acupuncture, I can help you to get benefits of both approach of healing. 

I believe that integrating both western medicine and holistic/eastern medicine is the best way to restore health. This way, you can use only the essential medicines you really need to control your disease and use more natural options for symptoms that don’t necessarily require medicines and nurture your body’s own healing power. 

You are destined to thrive, not just survive, despite having an autoimmune disease, just like a magnificent Lotus flower that blooms beautifully no matter what condition the water is! I will be the holding hands of that flower, which is the meaning of our logo.  

I look forward to seeing you!

Warm regards,
Seung Yoon Celine Lee, MD, FACR, RhMSUS, DipABLM

We are the first direct-care rheumatology clinic in Utah!

Video visits are currently available for Utah and Idaho

Anyone can be seen in-person at our Murray location

Dr Lee sees patients both via in-person and video visits

Tired of jumping through multiple hoops and waiting for a long time to see a rheumatologist?

Make an appointment directly with Dr Lee who guides you to recovery from your autoimmune disease and enjoy the pain-free, energetic and healthy life you and your loved ones deserve.

Top Rheumatologist

Dr Lee was trained at the prestigious UCLA rheumatology fellowship by world-renowned rheumatologists as her mentors.

Dr Lee is board certified in Rheumatology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology and Lifestyle Medicine. Thanks to her broad knowledge and experience of over 20 years proven by her 4 board certifications, she treats the whole person rather than merely fixing a disease. She will take care of you as your personal private doctor when you enroll into our membership. 

Whole-Person Comprehensive Care

Autoimmune diseases can cause inflammation in our body and can cause problems in other organs than just joints. They can be overwhelming to the patient.

Dr Lee will work with you to use only the necessary medicines to control your autoimmune disease. Dr Lee also addresses other medical problems that can be affected by your autoimmune disease and counsel you about which nutrition and lifestyle changes can help control your disease

Direct Specialty Care

You deserve to see a rheumatologist without asking for permission from your insurance company or going through complicated referral processes. Schedule your appointment now directly from this website. 


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Suffering from joint pain and stiffness, weird rash, fatigue and other inflammation symptoms?

Make an appointment directly with Dr Lee who guides you to recovery from your autoimmune disease and enjoy the pain-free, energetic and healthy life you and your loved ones deserve.